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Farwoods is a graphical MUD, an old-school online RPG inspired by Redwall and Watership Down, set in a living world run entirely by its players. There are no NPCs -- everyone you meet is another player, filling a niche in the game's economy. Players self-specialize into scavengers, shopkeeps, guides, crafters, bandits, blacksmiths, mages, pickpockets, scribes, and more by choosing the stats and traits that will allow them to excel at some of the game's 75 skills. You can have as many characters as you like.

There is no grinding required to advance your character. You are awarded intervals simply for being online, which provide you with additional skill points. You can spend your skill points to learn skills with skill books, which can be acquired through scrounging or from other players with the Literacy skill. This system rewards characters for interacting with each other and roleplaying rather than tying advancement to mechanical play.

Characters can make their mark on the world by placing burrows, which create permanent underground areas linked to the overworld that can be customized to the player's content, and then opened to the public. Burrows can be used for homes, shops, inns, faction bases, and anything else one's imagination can come up with. Burrows are earned on a character's 10th interval, after about a day of in-game time.

Farwoods is currently in early closed alpha. If you have an invite, you can download the launcher, create an account, and start playing. If not, subscribe to the game's Mastodon or Twitter account to get updates on development, and be notified when opportunities to receive an invite code arrive.

Alpha Testers:

Talk to people! This is a roleplaying game, and a highly interaction-focused one at that. If you need help, or don't know what to do, find someone and talk to them. And if someone talks to you, don't be mean (unless your character is). The game is primarily played with WASD (or arrow keys), double-clicking, and right-clicking. Below are some exceptions to that.

Command reference:

  • Enter - Open the chat window, or speak what you've typed out.
  • : - Emote (type out a custom action as your character).
  • ( - OOC chat.
  • I - Open your inventory.
  • C - Open your character tab.
  • M - Open the crafting menu.
  • G - Open the equipment menu.
  • F - Enter friendly intent -- double-clicking on players looks at them.
  • R - Enter hostile intent -- double-clicking on players attacks them if conscious, and loots them otherwise.
  • F1-F10 - Perform an action you have assigned to a key in the Action Bar menu.

Mind is your resource for performing mentally exhausting actions. Stamina is your resource for performing physically exhausting actions. If you run out, you can go to sleep and recover them.